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We Do The Searching For You.

We’ll help find your next apartment so you can stay focused on what’s most important. You’ll get only the best listings that match your search criteria sent right to your inbox.

Why spend so much time calling, emailing, and driving around town when you have a Fresh Start Locator at your fingertips? In a hurry? No worries, a local Fresh Start Locator relocation specialist can personally help you.

You Check Out Your List.

Based on our conversations with you, we create and send you a list of the best apartments along with the best deals just for you. If you see something you like, let your agent know and we’ll call the apartment and set up a tour just for you.

Move In!

Once you’ve found a place, all that you have to do is sign your lease and move into your new apartment. If you need help with moving companies, utilities, or anything about the area, we’re still here to help you with anything you need.

We Send You Cash Back!

Now that you’re all moved in, all thats left is for us to get you some money just for using our FREE apartment locating service.

We send you and the apartment manager a lease verification email. Once both verifications have been completed, and it shows that you listed Fresh Start Locators as the referral source, we’ll send you the money. We can send it via Pay-Pal, Venmo, CashApp, or whatever is best for you.

Why Is This Free ?!?

It’s simple.

You pay us $0 because our commissions come from property management companies.

It’s a pretty standard arrangement for apartment locators and property management companies (PMCs).

Here’s why.

Why Do PMCs Pay You?

Property management companies who want renters pay us from their marketing budgets because:

  • We have direct access to apartment hunters: We’re always working with people who are searching for the perfect rental, and we’ve helped thousands of apartment hunters easily find their next home. We have an extensive database of the best rentals, and property management companies want to be featured among the options we consider when we curate apartment lists for our clients.
  • We act like a go-between or matchmaker : Our apartment locators connect renters to property management companies, making it easy for both parties to cut through all the clutter and find exactly what they need. With countless options online, that can save a lot of time and money for everyone involved.
  • We offer advertising they can’t get anywhere else : We routinely feature upscale rentals, luxury apartments, and amazing move-in specials on social media, our website, and in other spaces. Plus, we stay in touch with our clients, helping them after they’ve signed a lease. Property management companies can’t get that type of exposure through their marketing channels or other efforts.

When Do You Get Paid?

We earn our commission when a renter who we’re working with finds an apartment and signs the lease.

That incentivizes us to find the BEST matches for each renter. Our luxury apartment locators know how to curate custom apartment lists that perfectly match our clients’ precise criteria.

No matter what they’re looking for — a loft, a pet-friendly place, a great pool, or anything else — we find the ideal options for them.

That helps renters find what they’re looking for faster. Often, it also means they end up signing leases sooner. When they do, we get paid. But we aren’t the only ones who earn cash when the lease is signed.

When we get paid, you get paid — we share our commission with you and will pay up to $500 when you sign a lease.

Why Everyone Wins

  • You get FREE apartment locator services from experienced Relocation Professionals who will help you with the ins and outs of the entire process. That saves you time and money finding the perfect apartment.
  • Property management companies sign more leases, get more renters, and fill more vacancies. They also get some extra advertising.
  • We get paid doing what we love!

How We Make It BETTER for You

Fresh Start Locators takes this arrangement one step further to sweeten the deal for you. As mentioned above, we share our commission with you when you sign a lease. That means you could end up getting up to $500 cash back when you work with us and you sign a lease.

Earn UP TO $500 back

With Fresh Start Locators, you’ll get a list of every apartment in your area, in your budget, with all the amenities you’re looking for. Why spend so much time calling, emailing, and driving around town when you can have professional locators at your fingertips? In a hurry? No worries, a Local relocation professional can personally help you.


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